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CD/DVD Reviews » Cat Pack - It Ain't What You Do

Track List:

The Man With The Golden Arm
Honey Hush
24 Hours
Did He Jump?
Three Cool Cats
Lady Bad Luck
Oh Babe
Please Mr Jailer
Paul's Shuffle
Dig That Crazy Chick
On Revival Day
Dance The Bop
These Boots Are Made For Walking
I Don't Like You Any More
Walk Right In
It Ain't What You Do.
Cat Pack
It Ain't What You Do
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Possible Styles: swing, rhythm & blues, rock 'n' roll
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 01 February 2007

Magnificent first full-length album from the rockin' rollin' rhythm & blues orchestra known as the cat pack! Masterful arrangements and superb musical performances, with excellent featured vocalists belting out a mix of jump jiving rock 'n' roll, swing and jump blues classics and originals.
Blasts from the past include revivals of Big Joe Turner, Lavern Baker and Wynona Carr with miss Lisa George's vocal competing with those legendary original rhythm & blues divas. The blistering rock 'n' roll guitar from Darren Juvie will please Brian Setzer fans. The mass of brass will delight the swing dancers, and there's pounding boogie woogie piano in abundance for jump blues enthusiasts.

'Dig That Crazy Chick' from this album is available to download on the downloads page of the site!

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05 March 2007
Comment by lottelou

Nice review

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Cat Pack
Song: Dig That Crazy Chick


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