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CD/DVD Reviews » Blue Flames - Juke

Track List:

Shout Sister Shout
Mean Little Mama
The Boogie Disease
Ice Cold Baby
Mule Train Blues
Born To Love One Woman
Brand New Cadillac
Suzie Q
Come Back Baby Come
Money's All Gone
Move Around
Blue Black Hair
Big Legs Tight Skirt
Rockin' Rollin' Stone
Down The Mountain
Sloppy Drunk.
Blue Flames
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, rockin' blues
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 01 February 2007

The Blueflames play rockin' blues just how it would have sounded five decades ago - when blues meant Doctor Ross and John Lee Hooker, and when Dale Hawkins and Vince Taylor were among the rock stars of the day.
It's been a whole four years since the Blue Flames released their debut album 'Memphis to Chicago' (raucd 062). Whilst for many bands recording is priority, for this 4-piece it takes a back seat. Their priorities lie in touring, week-in week-out, taking their raw rockin' blues on the road, directly to the people.

So, after a little persuasion from Raucous Records, and finally realising that the songs in their live set were not longer the songs on their current (i.e. 4 year old) album, the Blue Flames finally took some time off the road to record 'juke'.

And what a great release it is! Fans who bought 'Memphis to Chicago' and the thousands that have witnessed their live performances are in for a real delight of raw rockabilly and blues bop. With 16 solid senders featuring blueflames originals mixed with vintage blues & rockabilly gems, 'Juke' is real rockin' blues, sounding just how it would've done five decades ago.

The 'Mean Little Mama' is available to download for free on our downloads page of the site!

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Blue Flames Band Information

Blue Flames

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (10 March 2007)
The Blueflames were formed in 1997 and quickly built up a reputation on the gigging circuit as a formidable outfit with a powerful sound. For anyone who has caught any of there live performances, they will know what The Blueflames are all about,for those who haven't read on & try & catch these guys real soon!! There sound is a unique blend of roots blues with covers of Dr Ross, Willie Nix, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters & Sonny Terry/Brownie Mcghee featuring heavily in the live set, along with some raw Rockers from from the likes of The Jades, The Sonics & some originals...

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Song: Mean Little Mama


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