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Track List:

Wild Life - Slowly Losing My Mind - Something's Goin' On In My Room - Side-tracked - I'm Tore Up - Will Call - Calling Baby - Hens Teeth - Hens Teeth - Much Later - Running Wild - Happy Pay Day - Douglas Boogie - Real Gone Lover - Give Me One More Drink - Rhythm Rockin' Blues.
Big Heat
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Possible Styles: swing, rhythm & blues
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 01 February 2007

The Big Heat are eight-piece rhythm & blues outfit who have rapidly become one of the UK's mightiest music machines. The pump out jumpin', swingin', red hot & rockin' jump blues - their style taken from late 1940s and '50s - the prime time of rhythm & blues.
the Big Heat's foundation stone is the solid rhythm section of driving boogie piano, double bass and drums. Then the tough sounding blues guitar explodes, complimented by a honkin' horn section of tenor & baritone saxes topped with a wailing trumpet. Powerhouse vocals provided by John 'Widemouth' Wilson complete the lineup.

Prepare for a fabulous musical journey from New York to New Orleans, from east to west across the golden age of music. The Big Heat have one of the classiest repertoires in the business mixing superb original material with as a barrel-load of powerhouse rhythms of great blues artists such as Amos Milburn, T-Bone Walker, Freddy King, Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, Big Joe Turner and Wynonie Harris.'

Grab the CD, and then catch the Big Heat on stage as they travel far and wide around the land, performing at festivals and music venues, which to date have included such high-profile events as Birmingham Jazz Festival, the Jiving Jamboree, the Rhythm Review, Edinburgh Jump Weekender, Bures jazz & blues festival, Sheffield blues & jazz festival, the Swing Cats Ball, Burnley Blues Festival, Vegas Scotland and many others.

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Big Heat
Song: Slowly Losing My Mind


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