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CD/DVD Reviews » Young Savages - Untamed

Track List:

Mean Mean Mama
Top Down Mama
Call Me
Honey Bun
Baby What Ya Doing Now?
Burning The Wind
Bloodshot Eyes
Fast Daddy Boogie
Bring Back What We Had
Cadillac Blues
Bow Legged Baby.
Young Savages
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 01 February 2007

Raw, savage 50s style rockabilly packed with youthful energy. The Young Savages are a fresh, young addition to the rockin' scene, performing no-holds-barred 50's style rockabilly. This debut album features mostly Young Savages originals, accompanied by covers of Larry Donn and Hank Penny. produced by Ian Speller (Rusti Steel & the Tin Tax) and Boz Boorer (the Polecats), who both make guest appearances as musicians.

One of the best rockabilly albums around!

Check their 'Top Down Mama' in the downloads section of the site, cats!

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Young Savages
Song: Top Down Mama


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