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CD/DVD Reviews » Big Boy Bloater & His Southside Stompers - What You Been Prayin' For?

Track List:

Everybody Rock
Hey Pretty Baby
I'm Still Drinkin'
Six Feet Of Rope
Those Lonely Nights
Don't Cut Out On Me
What You Been Prayin' For
I Wanna Die
Don't Happen No More
Monkey See - Monkey Do.
Big Boy Bloater & His Southside Stompers
What You Been Prayin' For?
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Possible Styles: swing, rock 'n' roll, rhythm & blues
Submitted by: Mike_The_Bopper.
Publication date - 25 January 2007

Well what can I say about an album that far surpassed all my expectations? I've seen Bloater in action on numerous occasions, and both he and his band never seem to fail when it comes to hitting that right note. Well this time, they've shot straight to the moon and back with this monster hit album! This CD is jam packed with 12 stompin' r&b track.. Manny Cummings' review from blue 'n' new said: "This latest release not only moved me, it bent me over, pulled my pants down and slapped my ass!" need i say more? As they say; "The proof is in the pudding"! so go on, treat yourself and add this stunning album to your collection..

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