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CD/DVD Reviews » Playboys - Frat Rock From Pine Bluff, Arkansas 1962-63

Track List:

Baby Doll
Ooh Poo Pah Doo
I Believe To My Soul
Lonely Weekends (charlie Rich)
I'm Movin' On (hank Snow)
Li'l Liza Jane
St. James Infirmary
Mary Ann
Green Onions
Reelin' And Rockiní (chuck Berry)
I Got A Woman / Don't Cry No More
What'd I Say (ray Charles)
I Don't Want To Cry
The 69
Don't Make My Baby Blue
Frat Rock From Pine Bluff, Arkansas 1962-63
Psych Of The South Records (2017)
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Possible Styles: rhythm & blues, garage
Submitted by: hankabilly.
Publication date - 06 July 2017

The Playboys were a rockabilly-influenced garage band from Pine Bluff, Arkansas who recorded in Memphis a single named "Baby DollĒ under the name Magnificent Seven for Vee-Eight Records in 1962.

The record company didít feel comfortable with the band name Playboys on the record so they came up with the Magnificent Seven instead, the band have seven band members thatís make more sense they think.

You can call that strange, stupid or brilliant the fact is Magnificent Seven is the Playboys.

And i know there are now many bands call the Playboys but in 1962 there was the one and only really original Playboys from Arkansas thatís it.

This CD gathers their 45 rpm record and live recording made in wild 1963 show.

Hear them play R & B, Garage and populaire tunes at A&M College in Monticello, Arkansas.

Hear this raw and unfiltered performance for the first time ever.

The Playboys were last seen performing in 2007 at the 45th reunion of the Pine Bluff High School class of 1962.

The first song is a rockabilly-influenced sound also the best track on this CD and I'm Movin' On live is a great version too!

St. James Infirmary is very sad crying version but great done!

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