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CD/DVD Reviews » Rockin’ Bonnie & The Rot Gut Shots - Cocktail Jubilee

Track List:

Bell Bottom Boogie
Gotta Honky Tonk
What Am I Worth
Kitty Cat Corner
All Of This
I'm Hurtin' Again
I Love Booze
I Wana Make Love
I Heard About You
I Start Messin' Around
Juke Box Blues
Papa Boogie
Bring Along Your Lovin'
Time's A Waistin'
Rockin’ Bonnie & The Rot Gut Shots
Cocktail Jubilee
El Toro (2009)
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Possible Styles: country, honky tonk
Submitted by: hankabilly.
Publication date - 20 May 2016

Sabrina aka Rockin’ Bonnie queen of Honky Tonk from Italy did play 2009 on D-Day in Amsterdam now she playing everywhere High Rockabilly Spain, Summer Jamboree, Russia, Rockabilly Rave, Screamin’, Rockers Weekender CA Long Beach, Las Vegas etc.

The album is a cocktail of music styles mixing country, rockabilly, rock and roll, hillbilly and western swing in-flues like Rose Maddox, Charline Arthur and June Carter.

Sure she can sing country as the best there are many rockabilly girls in the r’n r scene but Bonnie know how to rock the boogie.

This is her debut album on Spanish label El Toro records with a classic duet, ‘Time’s A Wastin’, with a slice of steel guitar.

Burnin' this album and rock rock, bop bop.

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