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CD/DVD Reviews » Tip Top Trio - Tip Top Trio

Track List:

Git' Cat!
Red Hot!!!
Don't Pretend
I Hate L.a.
Rockabilly Rocket
Dream Girl
You Won't Say It
Besame Mucho
Rockabilly V.d.
Betty In A Sweater
Shut Your Mouth
Move, Move, Move + Bones Song
Tip Top Trio
Tip Top Trio
Feathers Records (2008)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: hankabilly.
Publication date - 20 May 2016

Tip Top rockbilly Trio, bass, electric guitar and rhythm guitar, all members sing, drum less band sounds little bit like Riverside Trio, High Noon, Skip Rats, Terry & Gerry etc.
The Tip Top Trio played around the Sacramento and the Bay Area en where they also living, Zack B. Hectic moved to San Francisco.
This debut album is what you hear what you get a rockabilly boppin' band it's damn good rockabilly.
It's just fun play and sound like buskin around.
But they are back featuring Dick Dice, Hotwire Hotrod, and Zack B. Hectic. Git Cat!
They just release a EP tribute to the one and only Mr. Charlie Feathers.
Keep rocking' daddy-o !

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Tip Top Trio
Song: Red Hot
Tip Top Trio
Song: Daddy - O
Tip Top Trio
Song: Rockabilly Rocket


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