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CD/DVD Reviews » Hard Six - Haunted Ride

Track List:

1 Aintfergotter
2 Rockabilly Rumble
3 Wip Wop
4 Haunted Ride
5 I Am Nothing
6 Black Syrup
7 Heartbreaker
8 Please Let Me Get What I Want
9 Senorita
10 In The Shadows
Hard Six
Haunted Ride
Self (2015)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, country, rock'n'roll
Submitted by: dcltrueleft.
Publication date - 29 February 2016

Now, this is worth our attention. The blast-level dynamic Hard Six careens skullfirst through death-defying tilt-a-funland. Members Fuse, Six, and Vogelcide perpetrate the real sort of rock'n'roll that corrupts entire generations and will never be found within arm's reach of upright culture. They understand that the all-important kick at the leathered heart of 70s punk and 50s rockabilly also charged vital 40s country, and wring from each outsider slant an electrified cacophony of febrile fervor. It is only right that they have destroyed stages with Nekromantix, Wanda Jackson, Los Lobos, and similar subcultural icons.

Discs like this are just too rare.

Recommended "Haunted Ride," "Rockabilly Rumble," "Black Syrup," "Heartbreaker," "In the Shadows"

VIDEO: "Haunted Ride" - official video

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