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CD/DVD Reviews » Clint Bradley - Riding After Midnight

Track List:

1. Riding After Midnight
2. My Rifle My Pony And Me
3. Doggone Cowboy
4. A Fine Horse
5. We Are Shane
6. Call Of The Far Away Hills
7. I Wish I'd Been There
8. Pilgrim Boy
9. Man Walks Among Us
10. Six Strings
11. The Anvil
Clint Bradley
Riding After Midnight
Blue Light (2014)
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Possible Styles: country swing
Submitted by: dcltrueleft.
Publication date - 29 February 2016

Gentle-voiced Clint knows well his way around winsome western airs of the sort that Marty Robbins rode to the trail's high end. And that he ambles good-naturedly, an occasional bounce in his giddy-up, allows the appropriately mainly acoustic players to stretch and interpret at hand-tooled leisure. A relaxing satisfaction.

Recommended "Riding After Midnight," "Six Strings," "Call of the Far Away Hills," "A Fine Horse," "We Are Shane," "My Rifle My Pony and Me,"

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