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CD/DVD Reviews » The Rockats - Rockin' Together

Track List:

1. Why The Doubt
2. Rockin' Together
3. Bad Love
4. Road To Hell
5. Kitten With A Whip
6. Old Hickory Road
7. Pink And Black Cadillac
8. Reckless
9. Red Headed Rockin' Gal
10. Sweet Sweet Charlotte
11. Tear The Roof Off
12. Why Do You Love Me
The Rockats
Rockin' Together
Lanark (2014)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, country
Submitted by: dcltrueleft.
Publication date - 29 February 2016

Some cats got it...In my first-hand estimation, the Rockats and Robert Gordon prowled the crest of the 70s/80s revival wave. So it's only fitting that in 2014 they all located at Lanark Records - their presence at the surging upstart imprint elevating it in importance.

The original 'Cats are here - world-class singer Dibbs Preston, indefatigable six-string rampager Barry Ryan, ever-boppin' upright-slapper Smutty Smiff, and knock-down-with-precision drummer Lewis King/Curt Weiss. Missing is original second guitarist Tim Scott McConnell, though Texas twang maestro Danny B. Harvey - who'd joined for 1983's "Make That Move" (RCA) - handily ushers memories whilst helping make new ones.

Fresh originals race in that welcome old way. This is how rockabilly should be done: fun, freewheeling, and, at turns, gloriously robust.

Small wonder that, like Gordon, the Rockats were the toast of Viva Las Vegas.

(NOTE: I was asked to and did pen liner notes for this important disc, as did drummer Weiss/King and Stray Cat Brian Setzer. I was honored to take a minor place in the legendary Rockats' sphere!)

Recommended "Rockin' Together", "Pink and Black Cadillac", "Red-Headed Rockin' Doll", "Tear the Roof Off"


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