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CD/DVD Reviews » Voodoo Kings - Systems Green

Track List:

Audie Murphy
My Babe
I'm Not Blind
Systems Green
The Batman
Rock N Roll Heart
Voodoo Cars
Easy Street
There Go My Stars
Love Invention
Cramped Up
Midnight Train
Voodoo Kings
Systems Green
Nervous Records (2015)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly/thunderbilly
Submitted by: voodoo10.
Publication date - 29 May 2015
Copyrights: Voodoo Kings - all copyright

Not to detract from anyone else, not to pour praise on any one of the band above the others, but this album wouldn’t be half the album it is without the utterly fantastic slap double bass that drives it onwards, upwards and towards a rock’n’roll bequiffed fantastic sound. The drums compliment it completely, subtle and crystal clear as together Sam and Whippet create something that draws right back to the beginning and throws it spitting and shouting into the light of day. The guitars are pretty much spot on, the strings snap and twang, they go from spaghetti western twang to the rock’n’roll strum that tugs on your heartstrings and your dancing feet. Dave’s voice is a rough edged smooth croon that fits this music as well as a well worn leather jacket fits with an old torn pair of Levi’s. This music is for youth. Grabbed with both hands, lived to the utmost and disappearing into when the mind turns to times past.

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Voodoo Kings Band Information

Voodoo Kings

Submitted by voodoo10 (29 May 2015)
Voodoo Kings are a rock/rockabilly three piece band based in Coventry, UK
The band composes and performs original material and live shows rock!
They were BBC band of the month/one to watch in 2015
Recording/Radio/TV experience accomplished
With their debut album ‘Systems Green’ out now and signed to Nervous Records UK

Currently looking for more exposure through contracts/agents/media/gigs and festivals



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