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CD/DVD Reviews » Obscuritone, The - The Obscuritones

Track List:

Angel Eyes
H S Baby
15 Seconds
Bad Mood
Rockabilly Boogie
Jim Dandy
Vapour Club Boogie
This Little Girls Gone Rockin
Genocide Blues
Brockwell Beach
Dumb Luck
Molly Broom
Obscuritone, The
The Obscuritones
Brockwell Record (2012)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: rockinev.
Publication date - 10 September 2013
Copyrights: Rockin Nev / Rockabilly Bash

The first full length album from the London based rockin outfit released on their own lable.

Full of energy drive and fire this album bursts into life from track one and never lets up. It actually contains several of the same titles as their E.P reviewed previously. However the newer material is spot on, H S Baby and 15 Seconds sees the girls harmonising all over a wild rockabilly band and Bad Mood continues in this vein.

Other new tracks include Genocide Blues where the male vocals take over again and the musical mood change again it becomes much more Neo sounding, Dumb Luck is shared as a duet and works well Molly Brown closes proceedings a brooding little number that rumbles along with menacing guitars.

What The Obscuritone do well is take different rockin genres and mix them all into something that becomes uniquely theirs . I would strongly recommend anyone listening to this who enjoys a bit of wild originality sweetened with harmonies from the 40's and driven along by the energy of the 50's and 80's rockin sounds.

There are some excellent live clips of the band on You Tube well worth checking out.

Rockin Nev

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