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CD/DVD Reviews » The Noisy Boys - Out Of Gas

Track List:

Out Of Gas
Guitar Rock
Tax Payin Blues
Smoke Chrome & Fire
Right Or Wrong
Washmachine In My Brain
Guitar Deluxe Rag
Touch Me
Watch Gonna Do
Plastic Bag
Honky Tonk
I Got A Hole In My Pocket
My Little Mama
Wear Out The Soles Of My Shoes
The Noisy Boys
Out Of Gas
Crazy Times Records (2012)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: rockinev.
Publication date - 09 May 2013
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash / Rockin Nev

The Noisy Boys are a four piece rockabilly outfit from Switzerland, they play back to basics Ď50ís rockiní full of energy and style.

There are some great tracks on here both originals and covers alike, they cover artists both from the Ď50ís such as the great Jack Earls, My Little Mama, to Deke Dickerson, Wear Out The Soles of My Shoes. The best cover on here is a terrific version of Harold Jenkinsí Rockhouse where a really authentic sound is captured.

The opening and title track is a strong rockabilly bopper, but the instrumental Smoke Chrome and Fire is a stand out cut for me.

There are a couple that donít quite excite as much, Guitar Deluxe Rag, and Plastic Bag, while a good strong rockin sound I just donít get it as a song. However this is a small comment on an otherwise superb album, listen to Washing Machine in My Brain for a great modern rockabilly bopper.

I must also mention Touch Me a screaminí piece of rockin and a thoroughly enjoyable version of I Got Hole in my Pocket. This album extends to 18 tracks, itís well recorded, and the playing is top dollar the production first class.

One of the most authentic sounding bands Iíve heard for a while. A solid release that will make you want to grab a long neck bottle of beer and bop around a dance floor.

Rockin Nev

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12 January 2015
Comment by nealeh

Love this band, saw them at High rockabilly 2 years ago and they were great.
The album is good but the previous one was better.


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