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CD/DVD Reviews » Nico Duportal And His Rhythm Dudes - Real Rockin Papa

Track List:

The Wobble
Till You See The Rising Sun
Real Rockin Papa
Jimmy's Jive
It Went Down Easy
Nite And Day
Coochie Coochie
My Lonely Room
Theres No Other Way
I Would Be A Sinner
Bottoms Up
Nico Duportal And His Rhythm Dudes
Real Rockin Papa
Crazy Times Records (2013)
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Possible Styles: rhythm & blues, rock n roll
Submitted by: rockinev.
Publication date - 09 May 2013
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash / Rockin Nev

Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes, bring us an album of big full bodied, brassy rocking and jumping rock n roll.

The booming baritone sax and delightful piano underscore these tracks and drive the whole thing along like a well oiled engine room. Nico’s guitar sounds great leading the band through a high energy set that is full of great jiving and strolling material. With steady backing from bass and drums the tenor sax adds a vibrant blast throughout, the vocals are spot on and have a real bluesy feel too.

I enjoy the way in which the band can confidently switch from full throttled rhythm and blues of Real Rockin Papa to the lighter swinging jive sound of Coquette and the jazzier instrumental of Jimmy’s Jive.

The pace is slowed with My Lonely Room a late night drown your sorrows with a shot or two man left by his lover song complete with agonising wails and forlorn screams. This mood is not sustained long as the piano on Louisiana soon lifts your mood.

The album drifts nicely from the raw R & B of late ‘40’s and early ‘50’s to lighter rock n roll rhythms. My favourite tack is the closing Bottoms Up a jumping hot little drinking tune sure to put you in the party mood.

Genuinely enjoyable rock n roll party music.

Rockin Nev

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15 July 2013
Comment by rockinev

Thanks Sparklyfred Ill head over to youtube and check this out

25 June 2013
Comment by sparklyfred

That's a cool review !
Have you seen the Nico Duportal's Music Video "Real Rockin' Papa" ? You could love it !


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