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CD/DVD Reviews » Adrinano Batolba Orchestra - Live N Loud

Track List:

Hard Luck Bad Luck N Misery
Seven Nation Army
Harlem Nocturne
Jean Jean Jeannie
You're The Boss
Cotton Eyed Joe

Bonus Tracks Summertime Blues
Hard Luck Bad Luck N Misery (studio Version)
Adrinano Batolba Orchestra
Live N Loud
Wolverine Records (2012)
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Possible Styles: rock n roll / rockabilly / big band
Submitted by: rockinev.
Publication date - 18 November 2012
Copyrights: Rockin Nev / Rockabilly Bash

Adriano Barolba Orchestra are from Germany, and have been making a big impression there for a little while now, with the release of this live CD perhaps they will start to gain the wider audience that this deserves.

Adriano is no new comer to the scene, whether as a front man or working with other artists he has been around the rock n roll world for some time and is the man behind the successful rock n roll / pop crossover act The Baseballs.

However this Orchestra is really something else, at last Europe has an act that can compete with the BSO, comparisons are bound with a certain Mr Setzer, but the fact is Adriano is no pretender, he is up there competing for the crown of best Rock n Roll Orchestra.

This is loud, rich deep sounding rock n roll mixed with the fury of rockabilly and class of big band swing, whether a self penned title Hard Luck, Bad Luck n Misery or a cover such as the awesome Seven Nation Army and barnstorming Cotton Eye Joe this band are on fire! If you don’t get up and swing your partner around to Cotton Eye Joe then you’re not alive frankly.

My only disappointment is that there are only 8 songs on this CD, I was left wanting to hear more. Lets hope that further releases and wide spread recognition follow very soon and personally perhaps some UK promoter can bring to a festival here soon, they’ll bring any house down.

Rockin Nev

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