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CD/DVD Reviews » Flatfoot - Its Rock N Roll With A Badge

Track List:

Born To Boogie
Interstate Killer Pt 2
Queen Of White Trash
Cold Case
Foot Patrol
Yo Momma
My Pony
Party At The Precinct
Its Rock N Roll With A Badge
Badabish (2012)
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Possible Styles: rock n rocll
Submitted by: rockinev.
Publication date - 13 November 2012
Copyrights: Rockin Nev / Rockabilly Bash

Flatfoot are a Swedish four piece outfit, the sample album provided has eight tracks and provides a great insight to the bands style.

Rock n roll on the heavy side of rockabilly, strong rhythms and forceful guitars underpin the songs. Pulling the music to the edges of the genre but with enough rockabilly in there, especially the great lead guitar and bass work.

There is a theme of law and order running through the songs as the titel of the album would would suggest, murder, robbery, getting trashed are all fair subject matter here, Interstate Killer Pt2 rumbles along, Cold Case, Foot Patrol, Yo Momma and Party at the Precinct, all reference this subjects.

Overall a fair album whether it would appeal to rockabilly purists is another questionand its not really in the Teddy Boy genre either, but if you if you donít mind a bit of heavy rockin it may be for you.

Rockin Nev

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