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CD/DVD Reviews » Moonlight Trio - Moonlight Trio

Track List:

You're The One For Me
Little Town Fool
El Chango
Nothin Shakin
La Negra Tomasa
Since I Met You Baby
Moonlight Trio
Moonlight Trio
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Possible Styles: rockabilly / latin
Submitted by: rockinev.
Publication date - 05 November 2012
Copyrights: Rockin Nev / Rockabilly Bash

A rattling little album from a Mexican – American combo mixing English and Spanish language and rhythm rockabilly and latin beats.

Only six tracks on this promo disc but you can hear more on the Myspace page. A great sound is produced here a good cover of Nothin Shakin rocks along nicely as does the opening You’re the One for Me and Since I Met You Baby.

My favorite though Little Town Fool a great guitar lick and nice sound with great steady bass along the way.

The two latin selections El Chango and La Negra Tomasa are good tunes but are very much of a Mexican style and feel however with a couple of beers, bar b que and some friends I am sure anyone could groove around to these.

So not entirely rockin but a good sound and I am sure they would be very cool live.

Rockin Nev

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