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CD/DVD Reviews » The Hellbound Hepcats - No. 2

Track List:

Play With Fire
Like Lightning
Cold Monday
Jessie B.
Underpants Dance
Crazy Little Baby
Getting Nowhere Fast
Rockabilly Queen
That Lady
Hellbound Hepcat
The Hellbound Hepcats
No. 2
Stomp Records (2012)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, psychobilly, rock and roll
Submitted by: simoncaldwell.
Publication date - 23 October 2012

Growing up as a kid in the 1980'ss, my father would frequently play records from his youth: Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Chuck Berry to name a few. It was what I knew music to be: raw yet warm, wild yet influential, but above all talented and memorable. I still remember the warm sound of an LP playing on a lazy Saturday afternoon. It's been years since I felt the same feeling, the warmth of analog tone has disappeared with the influx of digital technologies. Soulful lyrics have gone the way of uninspiring pop catch phrases.

The Hellbound Hepcats have artfully recreated the sound of the 1950's, fusing elements of rock and roll, country and rockabilly for a sound that's warm and glowing, truthful and passionate, raw and real.

The 10 track album is a tribute to the spirit of rebellion that gave birth to the music of the 1950's, and a continuation each of the masters began. So many bands can copy the sounds of an era, yet few can recreate the feelings of an era gone by.

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