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CD/DVD Reviews » 777 - Ghost Train

Track List:

Leave It Behind
Rebel Yell
Ghost Train
Radar Love
Boys Who Dance
Summertime Souvenir
Last Night
Chernobilly Twist
Come Together
The Woodpecker Song
Ghost Train
Part (2012)
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Possible Styles: neo
Submitted by: rockinev.
Publication date - 29 September 2012
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash / Rockin Nev

The trio are back with a second album serving up a hot and rockin mix of 80’s fused rockabilly.

This is a better outing than the first it sounds brasher more confidence from the guys, I love the overall sound production on this sharp snare drums and a solid bass underpin the very good guitar work.

The tracks include a storming cover of Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell, Summertime Souvenir again like tracks on the debut is the sort of track Dave Edmunds and the Stray Cats would have put out 30 years ago and there is no wrong in using such great influence especially when the results are as strong as this.

Last Night sees the band take the pace down a bit with a melodic slight touch of the guitar applied, sounding a little sixties.

Com Together by Lennon and McCartney gets a real shake up with a rockin sound but The Beatles have never been my bag really, interesting version though. Ending with the Woodpecker Song brings a little country edge

It’s the harder edge Neo sound that this band excels at and they should be rightly pleased with the second album they have ‘Unleashed’.

Rockin Nev

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