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CD/DVD Reviews » Johnny Knife & His Rippers - Sinister Street

Track List:

Teddy Boy Jive
Deads Or Tale
Break Up Today
My Old Man Is A Square
Be Bop Teddy Girl
Jack The Ripper
Dont Take Your Love From Me
Riot At Liester Square
Fiddler On Tthe Roof
Texas Calls You Home
Sinister Street
Gonna Type A Letter
Yankee Belle
Saturday Night At The Duckpond
At The Ace
London Rocker
Johnny Knife & His Rippers
Sinister Street
Part (2012)
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Possible Styles: teddy boy
Submitted by: rockinev.
Publication date - 26 July 2012
Copyrights: Rokabilly Bash / Rockin Nev

Big, bad, thumping greasy Teddy Boy stompers with a streak of horror rock n roll thrown in for good measure.

If you like your rock n roll with heavy bass and rumbling guitar riffs this may find its way on to your playlists, it takes the 70' and 80's revival sound and mixes in some strong lyrics.

Songs about knife fights, murderers Sinister Street sit beside the likes of Texas Call You Home. It paints a picture of violence on the streets, Riots at Leister Square (Leicester Sqaure?) then switches to a cover of Gonna Type a Letter. It's an unusual mix.

Musically this 3 piece from Germany have a long history on the Teddy Boy rock n roll scene and play strong songs that are tight and well constructed with some great guitar work highlighted on the instrumentals.

The subject matter however may not be to everyone's taste so be warned if easily upset.

Rockin Nev

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