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CD/DVD Reviews » Larry Donn - Burning Angel

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Larry Donn
Burning Angel
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Possible Styles: rockabilly / rock and roll
Submitted by: rtaylor1956.
Publication date - 12 June 2011
Copyrights: Rob Taylor

Just to let you know I will be having a huge push forward to get Larry Donn recognized for all his great achievements and will be working with him to get his new cd finished, any help you can give to get his name back in the lime light will be much appreciated.

Over the last few months we’ve seen a huge upsurge in the popularity of the great Larry Donn with his music now getting daily airplay in both the United Kingdom and Australia as well as other areas, I would like to see this now getting the airplay it so rightly deserves in Japan.

Larry informs me that he is now working flat out on a new album expected out towards the end of the year and if this is as good as the previous album Burning Angel then he’s on to a huge winner, many Elvis Presley fans are now praising the work of Larry Donn, please take a listen to old Youtube links, the cd really does come to life and after listening to it a few times you really do start to appreciate the true talent of this great performing artist.

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