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CD/DVD Reviews » Dynotones, The - The Dynotones

Track List:

Spy From Beldar #9
Surf Softly
Dynotone Stomp
99 Ad
High Wall
The Fuzz
The Money Shaker
Its Monster Surfin Time
Shadow Man
Devil's Martini
Blood & Sand

Plus A Hidden Track
Dynotones, The
The Dynotones
Part (2010)
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Possible Styles: surf / garage
Submitted by: rockinev.
Publication date - 12 June 2011

Put this on and strap yourself in tight because this is loud, a blast from start to finish, soaring surf guitar instros, pounding drumming and rumbling bass lines the Dynotones deliver a huge slice of authentic sixties surf / garage that, if it doesn’t excite you then frankly there is no hope!

I am not a huge surf fan, but when I saw that Deke Dickerson had written the sleeve notes I knew that the music would be up to a high standard, out the same mould as the classics Link Wray, Dick Dale and the like this is top draw stuff.

Hailing from California, they have been together since 1995, this album was in fact first issued in 2000 and gets a reissue here courtesy of PART records, I had not been aware of them before so this is great introduction.

There are 14 tracks each of them very good, they fly past in a barrage of sound that will leave you shocked and battered but going straight back to track 1!

Stand outs for me, Wolfman, complete with howling sound effects and a really catchy guitar riff that drives it forward with increasing menace, 99AD has a more rock feel the guitar heavier garage style that pounds along. While The Money Shaker is very ‘60’s.

Best of all Blood and Sand, this will literally make your ears bleed, do not play it in the small confines of a car.

Warning, do not turn off when the last track finishes, there is a hidden gem.

Get this if you love the styles of previously mentioned originals, if your exposure to ‘surf’ is the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean this is a great way to discover the wilder side of the genre, and great to hear a modern band doing this stuff with such style making it fresh, vibrant and still relevant.

Only a word of caution, I know many who visit this site like the traditional Rockabilly and Rock n Roll sounds, so this may not have universal appeal here. Me I’m a convert, get me another Dynotones CD now.

Rockin Nev

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