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CD/DVD Reviews » Greyhounds, The - Story Of Our Life

Track List:

Der Rhythmus
All The Time
Rockin Stone
You Wanna Leave Me
Heart Of A Fool
Why Do You Treat Me This Way
Story Of My Life
Mean Red Spider
Curly Hair
At The Bar
Run Chicken Run
Rockin With Me Baby
Devils Race
The Munsters
Greyhounds, The
Story Of Our Life
Part (2010)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: rockinev.
Publication date - 28 May 2011

The Greyhounds are a four piece rockabilly outfit from Germay with Nils Anderson on lead guitar and vocals, Gerrit Anderson drums and vocals, Herbert Stacker Lead Vocals and Slap Bass and Jan Martensen on rhythm guitar.

Together they produce a competent easy going rockabilly sound mixing many originals with some '50's covers, including the very well executed All The Time Sleepy LaBeef classic. Heart of a Fool from Hank and Eddie Cochran is given a rocked up treatment that works nicely.

You Wanna Leave Me is a good track with a great guitar intro, melodic and catchy tune. Mean Red Spider on the other hand is a straight ahead bopping track.

Where as Curly Hair has an altogether different feel a rainswept intro and sparse guitar give way to a Smiths / Morrisey type vocal riding over a drum lead backing with a subtle guitar rolling along in the background.

Stardard rockabilly fare is here with tracks like At the Bar, Rockin With My Baby and Devils Race and others.

For me though the highlights here are an absolutely storming cover of Link Wray's Run Chicken Run and the closing Munsters Theme a track that was popular with the bands in the '80's.

All in all not a bad album it wont set your world alight but neither will it disappoint the boys are good musicians and are clearly a tight unit but a little more maturity in the song writing would lift this to the next star for me.

Rockin Nev

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