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CD/DVD Reviews » Foggy Mountain Rockers - Angel Heart

Track List:

Hold Me Tight
All I Can Do Is Cry
Cats Rhythm
Teenage Paradise
Castin My Spell
El Diablo
Together Forever
Angel Heart
Dancing Shoes
Revenge Of The Innocent
Over The Rainbow
Wild Nights
Party By The Riverside
Foggy Mountain Rockers
Angel Heart
Part Records (2010)
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Possible Styles: rock n roll
Submitted by: rockinev.
Publication date - 05 May 2011
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

This is out and out stomping teddy boy rock n roll and a great example of the genre.

The six members of the band produce a full, rich sound, with the two guitars, backed with the pounding drums and heavy bass this is sure to get you bopping and jiving in your sneakers and circle skirts.

Opening with the self penned Trouble they sound very much like Crazy Cavan here singing about teddy boys fighting.

Their own songs are strong throughout Teenage Paradise is a good rocker, Pioneers takes a on a western theme conjouring up pictures of the cowboy movies I watched as a kid.

Bopcat pounds at the speakers and as the title suggest you'll want to bop to this. Revenge of the Inocent has a good guitar sound rolling along in the background, the drums beating take to fore, in this tale of a man accused of a crime he has not commited.

Covers are usually well selected, good versions of All I Can is Cry and the Cliff Richard song Dancing Shoes is sure to appeal to audience this is aimed at. El Diablo is a great instrumental cover.

Plenty here for fans of the genre to enjoy, this is a remastered & rereleased album originally from 1999 so if you are a long time fan then I suspect you already have this.

However, if like me you have not heard the band before this is a great introduction to them. I understand they have a recent album of new material out as well for long term fans.

Rockin Nev

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