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CD/DVD Reviews » Eddie Clendening - Is... Knockin'at Your Heart

Track List:

Buttercup / Mean Ol' Frisco / Baby Brother / Hey Little One / Long Tall Lou (from Louisvilly) / Sugaree / Have A Ball / Knockin' (at Your Heart) / Comin' Home Baby / Blues Stop Knockin' At My Door / Maniefesto Of Love / Respectfully Miss Brooks / Hot Shot / Make Me Know You're Mine / Six Feet Under / It'll Be Me / My Baby's Gone Away
Eddie Clendening
Is... Knockin'at Your Heart
Ventrella Records (2010)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 13 April 2011
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

Eddie Clendening - the name you've probably already heard here and there. And certainly if you have seen him live, you would not forget it. The fresh talented guy from New York creates atmosphere of 1950's just right in front of you. His look, his voice and energy makes your heart beat faster, so probably you will also feel like teenagers, addicted to Elvis and rock'n'roll, felt back then.

Four years before the cd "Knockin' at your heart" was released, Eddie had another recording "The Rage of the Teen-Age", where same big names as Deke Dickerson, Cave Catt Sammy, Nick Curran, Ike and the Capers were featuring. So now one of them, Beau Sample aka mr. Cave Catt Sammy, is back to give musical support with his new band The Modern Sound. The sound is perfect, but I know, you didn't have any doubts about it. Especially if to mention that it was recorded at Jimmy Sutton's studio... and has some extra guests for piano (Scott Ligon) and backing vocals (Casey McDonough, Kelly Lamont and Carolina Reiter).

The cd contains 17 songs, covers and originals, which are so well mixed together, that you can hardly find out which one is which. Solid voice and backing up band are creating the quality rockin’ sound you will be enjoying during the whole recording.

To provide more information about the singer, I have to mention that besides touring all around the world, this guy has been featured as Elvis Presley in the hit Broadway musical “The Million Dollar Quartet”, where he performs almost every day to packed houses.

So turn the music on, listen “Eddie Clendening is Knockin’ at You Heart” and you will love it!

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