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CD/DVD Reviews » Bottle Rockets - She's My Gal

Track List:

Pretty Bad Blues / Baby Take Me Back / Rock All Night / Do Me No Wrong / You're My Big Baby Now / Jitterbop Baby / Don't Go / Boppin' Wigwam Willie / Hillbbilly Wolf / My Search / Crazy Crazy Lovin' / You're My Baby / Lonesome Treas In My Eyes / She's My Gal
Bottle Rockets
She's My Gal
Audiomusca Recording Studio (2010)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 05 February 2011
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

At first some information about the band. Bottle Rockets are playing together already for about 8 years and finally last year they were ready to release their first album which is called “She’s My Girl”; their website was not easy to find via google, because some popular American rock band was popping out anytime I tried to type the name of “my band”. But anyway it succeeded (tore the licence sticker out of cd box and fortunately could find website under it), so here they are, four happy Italian guys: Steo on the bass, Roby on drums, lead guitarist Gianlu and rhythm guitarist / singer – Marcello.

Cd has 14 racks, all of them are rockabilly; in general very well played and nicely mixed. Now - let’s go deeper and find out, how could that not super popular band became a headliner in 2009 at “Rock’n’Roll 55th Birthday” party in Moscow.

The cd opens with “Pretty Bad Blues” of Ronnie Self (Recorded at ABC Paramout, 1956). Powerful beginning, guys playing as authentic as possible. Singer makes some minor improvisations.

The next song “Baby Take Me Back” introduces to us Roc La Rue (from RAMA Records, 1957). Fine rock’n’roll number. Also played “word in word”. Perfect preparation.

Now we are ready for Sun artist. Recreation of Glenn Honeycutt song “Rock All Night” (originally from 1956) is absolutely musically succeeded. From here I noticed that Marcello likes not only 50's stuff, but also “vibration” tricks in vocals, which he is sometimes slightly overdoing.

With next cover we are moving from Sun to RPM. Pat Cupp “Do Me No Wrong” (still staying in 1956) in the version of Bottle Rockets will fill your house with a good old melody. Again we can hear that the band is very well prepared to play like it was back then.

Next stop is by Mercury. Here we meet reflection of Roy Moss with his 1956 hit “You’re My Big Baby Now”. Nice choice and a copy of a high quality if you want me to describe it in a couple of words.

I guess I can skip some tracks, not because they aren't played well, but just the opposite. They are perfectly re-done - accurately and passionately.

But if you are wondering where are you going now with choice of Italian Bottle Rockets, I will give you a fast tour. Another amazing record company - Ace Records with one rockabilly classics (favourite of so many bands) “Jitterbop Baby” of Hal Harris (recorded in 1958). Then we are moving back to 1956 to Decca and Al Coker with his “Don’t Go Baby”. Next song and next year – 1957 – Erwin Records and we recognise right away cute song “Boppin’ Wigwam Willie” of Ray Scott. Link (or Lucky) Wray’s “Hillbilly Wolf” (from 1955, I +guess) sounds more friendly than original and as for me (being not huge fan of mister Wray) I like this version a little bit more. And then the band is making a turn and coming back to Mercury to find some good wild rock’n’roll compositon (dated 1960) “My Search” of Ben Hewitt. Well, if your choice for Mercury was twice, then it is a must to have one more visit to Decca (there Johnny Carroll and his “Crazy Crazy Lovin’” of 1956 is found) and Sun (for another Johnny and another 1956 song “You Are My Baby”). And to talking about Johnnies, what band is not covering Burnette. So the best is saved for the last. The cover of slower version of “Lonesome Tears In My Eyes” (challenge for the guitarist, but he is doing just good) has an effect of old vinyl, that makes it different from what we have heard so far.

The final track is made of a self-penned composition “She’s My Gal”. Nice rockabilly sound which has influence of all those brilliant 1950's artists the band is so fond of. Good recording, good musicians, good choice of music. Well, in one word, this is a GOOD cd and if it took 8 years to be created, it certainly was worth it!

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