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CD/DVD Reviews » Marti Brom - Not For Nothin'

Track List:

1. Finders Keepers
2. Get A Little Goner
3. Mascara Tears
4. Not For Nothin'
5. Forbidden Fruit
6. Something Blue
7. Never No More
8. Sweet Baby Of Mine
9. Blues Keep Calling
10. Sweet Thang
11. Write Me In Care Of The Blues
12. Feelin' Right Tonight
13. I Get The Blues When It Rains
14. A Fool Such As I
15. Spook House
Marti Brom
Not For Nothin'
Goofin' Records / Ripsaw Records (2010)
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Possible Styles: country, honly tonk, rockabilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 10 January 2011
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

Marti Brom – who doesn’t know her, this charming woman from Texas. She’s got style, she’s got beautiful voice and huge talent – in one word - everything to create a high quality recording.

The first opinion you always get is when you see the cd and in this case you see an amazing perfection. The cover is telling the main theme of what you gonna listen to, and also is a good addition to the music. If you let Marti Brom sing, while you are checking out this “dangerous looking” digipack, you will get the feeling that you are watching a movie – such good pictures and songs are completing each other!

The story has 15 chapters (funny, but I had it in my mind before I have seen “chapters” actually standing above the song list), all are exciting and won’t let you be bored. It is not energetic fast-speeding rock’n’roll, but probably you already have guessed it by yourself. Let's say it’s a kind of mix of country, rockabilly and blues, out of which Marti Brom could make some very special atmosphere, which won’t let you go away easily without listening to this cd till the end. And it is not for nothin’. Music is perfect, vocal sound - great and the idea is brilliant. What else do you need?

I can start with talking about the songs, compare them with originals and other versions… and make you bored to death (I know, I will), so maybe it is not the best thing to do. Instead I insist you to get one copy for yourself (and maybe a couple more for your friends), because the best review you can get are the shivers going down your spine when the music starts flowing and Marty Brom starts acting.

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