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CD/DVD Reviews » Accelerators, The - Let's Turn It Up

Track List:

Gonna Be With You
Donna Prima Donna
Blue Days Black Nights
Let It Roll
Had To Let You Know
She Moves Me
Pretty Baby
Real Wild Child
Early In The Morning
Little Suzie
Accelerators, The
Let's Turn It Up
Independant. (2010)
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Possible Styles: a mixed bag - rock n roll, doowop, r&b, rockabilly
Submitted by: accelsnounos.
Publication date - 30 October 2010
Copyrights: Accelerators album

12 tracks - 6 of which are Steve Smith originals.
A very diverse album, lots of influences here from 1950s DooWop, R&B & Rock n Roll to 1960s Bobby Fuller.
All tracks have the unique Accelerators sound, to quote the liner notes written by Now Dig This's Chris Woodford - '...I have always regarded the Accelerators as belonging to that exclusive group of artists, defined not by whom they sound like, but by their music, which in the case of the Accelerators takes off with a life of its own..."

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Accelerators, The Band Information

Accelerators, The

Submitted by accelsnounos (30 October 2010)
“The Accelerators are without doubt one of the best authentic rock ‘n’ roll bands around …..” Dave Arcari (Artist & Musicians Union Rep) Drawing on influences as diverse as Country, R & B, Soul and DooWop, this accomplished band, who hail from the east coast of Scotland; have raised Rock ‘n’ Roll/Rockabilly to greater heights. Playing a mixture of their own material and 1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll standards, which sit seamlessly together, The Accelerators manage to capture that authentic sound but with an infectious modern rockin’ twist that makes them one of the best live acts you’ll find. These guys mean business; they have their...


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