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CD/DVD Reviews » Mystery Train - Enjoy This Boogie

Track List:

Still Rockin’ (the Same Old Way) / Boogieman / Enjoy This Boogie! / 6-5 Jive / Drivin’ Miss Daisy / 13 Women And One Man / Keep Up The Beat / Going Steady / You Gotta Bop / Need You / Don’t Knock The Rock / Rockin’ Ghosts / Luscious / Rebound / Boogie Beat
Mystery Train
Enjoy This Boogie
Goofin' Records (2010)
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Possible Styles: swing, boogie, neo-rockabilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 15 June 2010
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

The Mystery Train was officially born 30 years ago (in 1980), even though the guys started playing together three years before that. As it usually happens, the members were changing, but the bass player (Ari Hanninen) stayed in the band all the time.

Singles and EP’s were realeased during band’s musical life and finally came the time to make a step forward to the modern life and record a new cd. As a result “Enjoy This Boogie” was released under my favourite label Goofin’ Records about a couple of days ago.

Let’s go right to the point - this cd is absolutely not for bopping and strolling!.. and, to be even more honest, I don’t think you will enjoy standing and staring at the band… because of one simple reason - your legs will insist on jiving!

The qaulity of music is very good. Amazingly how five people can play together and give so much space for each other. Perfect co-operation must be the answer. To make the sound more interesting Bjorn Hellman was invited for a couple of tracks to play pedal steel and to make sound more boogie-like “long time buddy” Kimmo Rosti joined the band on the piano here and there. Also Anssi Aalto (which used to be one of Mystery Train too) popped in to play a solo for “Boogieman”.

Most of the songs are self-penned and all the songs are performed with slight (and my favourite) cute Finnish accent. The intro tells the story of the band and leads us futher to the dance room, where the huge party is going on. There is no space (and time) for authentic rockabilly here, but it is fulfilled with beat and passion.

The danceable pop music of late 50s, swing and boogie-woogie you can recognise as the main influences. Such choosen covers as “6-5 Jive”(of King Brothers), “Rockin’ Ghost” (of Swedish wild rock’n’roller - Little Gerhard) or William John Clifton Haley’s (oh, I meant, Bill Haley) “Don’t Knock The Rock” can only prove my point.

And just for information. As, probably, some of you already know, a new Hot Rod movie “Deuce Of Spades” (of Faith Granger) is about to be realeased in the US. It is not on screens yet, but already has received lots of positive buzz around. Why did I mention it here? Well, I am expecting it to be a good movie! And, the most important, “Keep Up the Beat” (track number 7 on Mystery Train’s cd) is the opening track in it!

Well, it is sunny outside and lots of parties are coming. So I really have to put on my dancing shoes and start running.

And you, if you feel like dancing too (even staying inside) - buy cd, turn it on, grab your partner and have a lot of fun!

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21 August 2012
Comment by brian66

molto bene bravi un bel sound ciao

16 June 2010
Comment by rockonrudy

This CD swings! Hope to see you live soon!

Mystery Train Band Information

Mystery Train

Submitted by mysterytrain77 (21 January 2009)
Mystery Train has been steaming down the track since 1977, being one of the oldest active rockabilly bands in Finland. In September 1977 Ari Hanninen(bass) and Pete Makkonen (guitar) started to play with various drummers: Go Daddies was formed. Permanent drummer Pauli "Pate" Peni joined the band in October 1978. Next year Ari bought himself a double bass and the band got one more member Jere Laukkanen (vocals, guitar). In November the band had its first gig at Oulunkylä Pop/Jazz Institute and the day after it the band was attending "The King of Rock" band competition at Casino, Helsinki. During the summer 1980...

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Song: Still Rockin’ (the Same Old Way)
Song: Keep Up The Beat


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