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CD/DVD Reviews » J. Tex & The Volunteers - Lost Between Clouds Of Tumbleweed

Track List:

Day By Day / Nine Pound Hammer / White Paper Lane / What A Bummer / Left With Someone Dear / My Kind Of Town / Me And Bobby Mcgee / Bring U Down, Down / Sometimes I Feel Like An Angel / Tennessee / Going Back To Menphis / Deep, Deep Valley / Good Morning, Mr Railroadman / Baby Tonight
J. Tex & The Volunteers
Lost Between Clouds Of Tumbleweed
Heptown Records (2006)
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Possible Styles: country, honky tonk, americana, bluegrass
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 25 May 2010
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

Maybe it is a pure accident, but all cds that I have been receiving from Scandinavia are of a very good quality: in style, looks and the most important - musically. This one is not an exception and is a perfect choice for those, who like old and not so old country music. 14 tracks, mostly self-penned, will bring you to America within some seconds and make you feel freedom and adventure. Even not being country music fan myself, I enjoyed this recording very much.

Four Danish guys are creating amazing atmosphere with great harmony singing and playing at least 8 different instruments (without any guest performances!). There is enough space for everybody and everything. A perfect understanding of old American style, but also lack of accent, is very easy to explain. The lead singer (J. Tex) was born in the US and has played there for several years. Now he is here, in Europe, sharing deep musical feeling and life experience (in his own songs) with you. The style in general is strongly influenced by such country geniuses like Wayne Hancock, Kris Kristofferson, Hank Williams III… and most of all, wild wild west.

The cd was released in 2006, so it doesn’t need any special promotion (even though I must mention that the band is very popular in Denmark and their hits appear on the radio from time to time). But still it is worth to mention, even for Rockabilly Bash website. So if you like country music, just give this cd a chance!

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