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CD/DVD Reviews » Adam And His Nuclear Rockets - Little Piece Of Souvenir

Track List:

Call Shout Scream / Can't Run Away From You / Blue For A Day / I Gotta Have You / All You Left Behind / Crazy Legs / Your First Kiss / No Other Baby / Say No More / Park Outside / Little Piece Of Souvenir / Fear / El Toro Star / I'm Gonna Take My Baby Dancing / I'm Crazy (alt) / El Toro Star (alt)
Adam And His Nuclear Rockets
Little Piece Of Souvenir
El Toro Records (2009)
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Possible Styles: rock'n'roll
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 13 April 2010
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

Do you also need some extra energy during spring time? Then instead of vitamins and energy drinks you can “take” this fine Croatian rockabilly band one time a day/week (depends on your mood) and you will feel already much better. Lots of record shops will provide you with the newest album of Adam and his Nuclear Rockets without any prescription.

The band has been playing since 2003 and got enough inspiration from “old” rockabilly musicians to write their own songs. The collection must be impressive if the guys could choose 13 tracks out of it and make the new album with only two covers (“Crazy Legs” of Johnny Burnette and “I’m Gonna Take My Baby Dancing” of Gene O’Quin).

Everything on this cd is in high tempo (which doesn’t give that much space for solos and nice improvisations) except the only one, which is called “Little Piece of Souvenier”. Funny that guys have chosen a title of their whole creation, picking up the name of that lyrical composition.

The band itself has all necessary igredients (rhythm and lead guitars, upright bass and drums) and makes the sound well-balanced and totally complete. Vocal is giving some extra energy to the band and is responsible for a special flavour for that fine “medicine”.

The recording is in a good quality (but it cannot be different if you see El Toro Records label on it) and has two alternative takes (kind of bonus). One of them is “El Toro Star”, which includes talking, jokes, discussions and “mistakes” of the band during recording session. Cute addition, which gives you a smile.

So have fun and don’t be afraid of overdose!

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Adam And His Nuclear Rockets
Song: Can't Run Away From You
Adam And His Nuclear Rockets
Song: El Toro Star


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