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CD/DVD Reviews » Fireball Steven - The Many Sides Of

Track List:

1. Fool Around
2. Connie Lou
3. Red Headed Baby
4. Did You Really Love Me
5. Now She's Gone
6. Go Boy Go
7. Honey Bee
8. Be Bop Gal
9. Talk To Me Baby
10. Rock'n'roll Pneumania
11. Hot Rod Man
12. Break Up
13. Can't Do Without You
14. Fat Woman
15. Jessie
16. Four Tired Car
17. Rock'n'roll Saddles
18. Eternity
19. The Ride
20. Have I Told You Lately
21. Rheumatism Baby
Fireball Steven
The Many Sides Of
Rhythm Bomb Records (2009)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, neo-rockabilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 27 March 2010
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

The series of the Rhythm Bomb Records, called “The Many Sides Of”, is a collection of the best songs of (mostly) modern artists, which were recorded during some period of time. Fireball Steven (Nic Steven Nilsson in normal life) is one those who was lucky enough to be part of that project.

First six songs are brand new and recorded (exactly a year ago) in Germany with English band the Rock-a-Tones. It is my favourite part of that “long play” (21 tracks!) cd. Exclusive authentic material, which includes self-penned compositions as well as brilliantly performed covers. The band is playing perfect, I really enjoyed the sound.

The vocal of Fireball Stevens is more “talking” than “singing”, but he has something that gives you very pleasant feeling while listening to this record. To make a wild guess, I would say that strong love to rockabilly music lives in his heart and you can clearly hear it.

The boppin' track of Billy Adams “Honey Bee” is recorded in the US with The Helldivers. Echo was added to make it more original. The band is very good, but is missing some fire, which is essential part on its own realeases.

“Be Bop Girls” brings us to Sweden, where Fireball Stevens is backed up by his own band, The Southern Rhythm Boys. The song is very simple, but the most relaxed and fun. Very nice work together!

The rest of cd is mostly (with some small exceptions) pure neo rockabilly. The rhythm is accelerating, energy - growing up, giving some heaviness, and we see Nic Nilsson from different view. Lots of pure rockabilly bands, I guess, started from neo music, and here is a good example.

Those recordings were made in the USA and Sweden, with different bands and different studios; plus, logically enough, in different styles of playing and performing. Neatly chosen covers and wild self-writen songs will show you many sides of Fireball Steven. And that is exactly what makes this cd so special.

So I hope you will have opportunity to hear it yourself and make a walk through the musical career of that fine Swedesh rock’n’roll artist.

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Fireball Steven
Song: Red Headed Baby
Fireball Steven
Song: Jessie


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