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CD/DVD Reviews » Lucky Marcell And The Ramblin’ Three - Speed King

Track List:

Please Stop Cryin / Three Or Four Nights / How About Me, Pretty Baby / Too Much / Crazy Little Mama / Rock And Roll Rhythm / My Love Is Not For You / Pink Cadillac / Doctor For Honky Tonk Gals / Mister Moon / Burnin’ / Speed King / Slow Down Brother
Lucky Marcell And The Ramblin’ Three
Speed King
El Toro Records (2009)
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Possible Styles: rock'n'roll, rockabilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 21 January 2010
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

The band consists of four good looking (and very serious… just check some youtube videos) musicians from Serbia. The music is hot and Lucky Marcell and The Ramblin’ Three is certainly something for those who prefer rockabilly bands from “exotic” countries.

To be honest (as usual), I have no idea for how long has the band been existing (shame on me!), but they have already played at High Rockabilly and Rockabilly Rave, so let’s look closer at them. The (Gibson) rhythm and (Fender) lead guitars, upright bass and drums – already promise a good sound… if using them right. And the guys certainly know how to play them.

My special compliment to Lucky Marcel, he doesn’t only own a cute guitar and a rockin’ voice, but is a composer of 8 real rock’n’roll tracks on this cd. The other five are covers and are disguised very well between self-penned compositions.

The influences are more than obvious: our “classics” - 1950's rockabilly artists; fortunately none of modern bands could spoil those guys yet! The covers are played very close to originals (even at times the original song and covers are absolutely the same!) with addition of some extra live energy (and, sad to say, poor quality of recording... or was it made on purpose to recreate "old" sound?).

My opinion? Well, it is, in general, a good cd; only sometimes noise and distortion irritate a bit … But no complains about vocals and musicians. Fun and rock'n’roll – to be short. Well done, guys!

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Lucky Marcell And The Ramblin’ Three
Song: Too Much
Lucky Marcell And The Ramblin’ Three
Song: Doctor For Honky Tonk Gals


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