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CD/DVD Reviews » Gagarin Brothers - Twist Behind The Iron Curtain

Track List:

Meshdunarodnaja Panorama (International Panorama) / Notschnym Belgradom (Through Belgrade At Night) / Korolewa Krassoty (Beauty Queen) / Poslednjaja Elektritschka (Last Train) / Sumerki (Twilight) / Ja Werju, Drusja (I Trust, Friends) / U Sinewo Morja (At The Blue Sea) / Pesnja Brodjatschewo Rybaka (Vagrant Fisherman Story) / Morskoj Djawol (Sea Devil) / Tschjorny Kot (Black Cat) / Paluba (Swinging Deck) / Kak Prowoshajut Parochody (How To See Off Steamships) / Doroshnaja (Road Shuffle) / Lutschi Gorod Semli (The Best City On Earth)
Gagarin Brothers
Twist Behind The Iron Curtain
Raumer Records (2009)
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Possible Styles: jazz, pop, russian folk
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 19 January 2010
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

If you have myspace profile, probably you have recieved friend request from some Gagarin Brothers and even more probably afterwords you got a comment from them, saying “From Russia with Love”. Well, they seem to be a little bit too annoying, but they ARE certainly a very good band. And they didn’t pay me to say that!

To be honest, I was not in that optimistic mood, when I turned their cd on and heard the introduction (in Russian language, naturally), which says that Yuri Gagarin is an astronaut, who became the first human in outer space.

But my attitude changed when I heard the first song. Wow, what a voice; and what a quality of playing! The main vocal is accompanied by guitar, upright bass, drums and… bayan (kind of Russian accordeon)! So it doesn’t sound rockabilly, maybe jazzy pop… and for those who want to argue with me and say that it is not twist, I am pretty sure it is! It is Soviet Russian Twist. Like the name of the cd, just to the point calls it “Twist Behind The Iron Curtain”.

The list of songs, known to any Russian speaking person, is a nostalgic collection of music from 1960’s movies. I was not even born then, but it happens that I was raised while those movies were on tv. Beautiful stories, full of romantism and patriotism, will touch your heart (if you can understand anything out of it… because all songs are exclusively in Russian) and maybe even bring some tears in your eyes.

I don’t know if this CD can cause any interest of non-former Soviet Union inhabitants, especially rockabillies, but it must attract attention of those, who are interested in the culture of the 60's “behind the iron curtain”. Fifty years ago you were not allowed to look behind it, now you finally have a chance to do that… and do that through Russian “eyes”. So good luck and I am sure you will enjoy it!

P.S. Kalashnikov and vodka are not included!

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Gagarin Brothers Band Information

Gagarin Brothers

Submitted by kitti (06 April 2008)
The Gagarin Brothers refer to their style as "A Neo Retro Alliance", a description fitting for their talent of taking popular melodies from Soviet and American music of the 1920's through 1960's and giving them new life in very unexpected rockabilly, gipsy jazz, folk and zydeco arrangements. During its formation, the group saw many `artists` come and go before it reached the stable collective. Today, however, these professional musicians have found in each other similar tastes in music, common ideas, and vital homogenous orientation where this music is concerned, traits which give Gagarin Brothers the deep personal connection that comes across so clearly on stage....

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Song: Korolewa Krassoty (Beauty Queen)
Song: Tschjorny Kot (Black Cat)


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