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CD/DVD Reviews » Quarter Mile Combo - Motels, Gas & Beer

Track List:

Kitten / Electrified / Cougar Mama / Rodeo Show / Good Lovin' / Knockout Purch / 100 Miles To Heartbreak / Preacher Man / Word To The Wise / Wrecking Ball / Boss Lady / Getting Wild
Quarter Mile Combo
Motels, Gas & Beer
6volt Records (2009)
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Possible Styles: rock'n'roll
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 13 January 2010
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

The first full-length cd of Californian rock’n’roll band ¼ Mile Combo was released last year. The guys started the band in 2004, but the lineup (as it is now) became complete two years later, when Nettie Hammar, the lead singer, joined the band. So three years of proper work and here they are: 12 self-penned tracks, played, arranged and recorded in very good quality.

Responsible for writing songs are drummer Gary Daly and bass player Todd Jenkins. The lyrics maybe a little bit too serious for “silly” rockabilly. Musically everything is in a good balance. Not too loud, not too noisy, though nothing extraordinary either. Good backing vocals, brilliant addition to strong main female vocal. I wish that Quarter Mile Combo had at least one duet song!

The style… Well, American, I guess. Blend of rock’n’roll (most of it), country (slightly) and solid rockin’ sound (psychobilly influence?). In one word - that's what lots of Americans calls “rockabilly” nowadays.

“Motels, Gas and Beer”. I like when bands not just pick up the name of the song, but make their own “interpritation” of their creation… it gives extra excitement to find out “why exactly this name?”. In this case I think the band united in it not only list of the songs, but also added their name to it. Travelling, energy, drinking – in other words, rock’n’roll on the road. And, in fact, it does really sound like that!

In addition (or better say, conclusion) I want to say that while I was listening to this cd, I had all the time funny feeling. Sometimes I thought “oh, it sounds good, but so boring”. And sometimes, it came like that “wow! Amazing job, I wish we could have more cd’s like that!”. So it would be very interesting to hear your opinion too!

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Quarter Mile Combo
Song: Electrified
Quarter Mile Combo
Song: Wrecking Ball


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