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CD/DVD Reviews » Tin Cans - Still Rockin’!

Track List:

Rockabilly Hot Rod / Looking For Love / All I Wanna Do / Head Over Heels / Six Days On The Road / It's Allright / Don't Break My Heart / Snake Bite / Desperate Man / She Won't Come Back / Memories Of You / Honky Tonking / Black Knights / Wild Rockabilly / We Wanna Bop!
Tin Cans
Still Rockin’!
Mad Drunken Monkey Records (2009)
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Possible Styles: neo-rockabilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 13 January 2010
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

I have never seen the Tin Cans live, but have heard the name many times. And it is understandable: they are touring all around Europe and they are on the rock’n’roll stage more than 10 years… and like the cd says - “Still Rockin!”

To be honest, and maybe not very polite, the cover seems immature; it reminds me of demo cd of the band that has just started to play together. But the treasure of the Tin Cans is inside. Great rockin’ sound gives some excitement from the very beginning.

15 tracks, 14 are self-written and show the band perfectly from different sides. Clear and singing voice is my favourite part of this recording. The music is not really my style, but it certainly gives a very positive feeling. You can hear that the band is having a lot of fun. I bet, they sound almost the same when they play live! All musicians are doing a brilliant job and share their energy and emotions with you.

The style mostly stays the same, even when the pace slows down. It is rock’n’roll (based on neo-rockabilly sounds of Restless, Sharks, etc), but with a great deal of country influnce, which creates own special style of the Tin Cans.

Well, in general, I think, the band can be very proud of their new release. If they wanted to show that they are still rocking, they prove it 100%!

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Tin Cans
Song: Looking For Love
Tin Cans
Song: Wild Rockabilly


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