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CD/DVD Reviews » Buck Stevens - Dance Floor Favorites

Track List:

1. Baby Makin Baby
2. Bop And Shake
3. I Wont Be Your Fool
4. Be Bop Gal
5. I Tried
6. You Better Leave
7. Hot Rod Ford
8. Mama Said
9. What Do I Gotta Do
10. My Heart Holds A Picture Of You
11. Read Between The Lines
12. Laurie Loo
13. The Hawaian Song
14. Rock With My Baby
15. Fancy Pants
16. Thats Right Baby
Buck Stevens
Dance Floor Favorites
Wild Hare Records (2009)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, hillbilly
Submitted by: bopperer.
Publication date - 19 December 2009
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

As much as I have heard new and not-so-new rockabilly artists, strangely enough name of Buck Stevens has never brushed past my ears. That's why I was quite surprised to find out this guy isn't a brand-new artist at all, since he has already three albums in his discography, two of them recorded in 2004-2006 at Wild Hare Records (an independent recor company, owned by Dave and Kiersten Moore) and one in New Hope Recording Studio, recorded in 2008.
What caught my eye 'bout Buck Stevens was the authentic style, nice voice, self-penned tracks, perfectly suitable for dance-floor (as the name of the CD implies), not only for jumping away to rockabilly tracks, but also for swaying to slow country-style ballads.

"Dance Floor Favorites" is kind of "best-of" compilation album of all the previous recordings Buck has ever made with coupla tracks from each CD, along with six songs from "I won't be your fool" 45EP, recorded in 2008, that previously have never appeared in CD format.

In this review I will try to run through all the tracks, briefly putting down my "yes's" and "no's", as well as "so-so's".

"Baby makin' baby" - quite a nice choice for the opening track, love the reverb of the vocals.

"Bop and shake" kinda reminds me a bit of Johnny Burnette's "Rock-Billy Boogie", especially with the guitar work, wild screaming and steady beat. Nice song.

"I won't be your fool" - first hillbilly tear-jerker on the album that reveals the beauty of Buck's vocal abilities as a ballad-singer. Smooth, slow, my-kinda song for sure.

"Bebop gal" - nothing extraordinary, a bit irritating fact that lyrics are quite poor, especially in the chorus, good it wasn't too long.

"I tried" - this slow ballad really amazes! Suited for mood when you feel blue and want to feel your heart to be ripped out from your chest - Buck's voice will do it perfectly! :) Reminded bit of Jerry Lee Lewis' style minus the piano, really great song!

"You better leave" - medium-tempo, nice guitar work, although high pitches and vibrato at times seem to start getting on my nerves a bit. Medium-good song I must admit.

Next comes one of my most favorite tracks on this CD - "Hot Rod Ford". Raw sound, steady beat, great drive, a perfect example of car-themed songs I dig so much. Differs quite a lot from all the other tracks.

"Mama said" - medium good track, nothing much can be said bout it.

"What do I gotta do" - same beat, nice authentic style, although it seems already a bit boring, my ears want to hear something more interesting, to spot something extraordinary. Not this time...

"My heart holds a picture of you" - one of the weakest and blankest songs on the CD, maybe it's just me getting tired already, dunno...

Luckily next track "Read between the lines" is better and catches my ear with more "live" rhythm, tempo changing to faster in the chorus. Again one of my few favorites here.

"Laurie Loo" with its opening reminds me of the opening of Bill Haley's "Rockin' chair on the moon". Hank-Williams-style of vocals catches my hillbilly-orientated "attention", placing this song into my faves' stack of this album. I'm really enjoying the mood of the song, high-pitched exclamations, the piano work (yayyy!), as well as Buck's guitar-playing skills!

Nice relief that next song - "The Hawaiian song" is good-to-listen-to as well. Funny lyrics is the biggest plus of the track as well as my fave Hawaiian guitar sound.

"Rock with my baby" - perfect for dancing but unfortunately not for listening to for a long time, lyrics again are repeating, making the song a bit boring again.

"Fancy Pants" - blank, uninteresting, similar to many other tracks on the album.

"That's right baby" has been chosen well for the last tracks of the album with the piano once more (hooray for it!), raunchy guitar solo and decent vocals.

All in all the album is a nice peek-in in Buck Stevens' artistry, making his music a perfect choice for some rockin' parties with friends, beer, and dancing, bopping, two-some clutching and oh whatever else.

Sure thing is that Buck Stevens is one of few artists who has "THAT" magic pure authentic sound, style and vocals that hopefully will still be there in future albums I will be looking forward to!

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