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CD/DVD Reviews » Sonny Burgess And The Legendary Pacers - Gijon Stomp!

Track List:

Treat Her Right / Cold Cold Heart / Honey Don’t / Gijon Breakdown / Happy Birthday Baby / Baby Watcha Want Me To Do In Virginia? / Mean Woman Blues / Blue Suede Shoes / Release Me
Sonny Burgess And The Legendary Pacers
Gijon Stomp!
El Toro Records (2009)
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Possible Styles: rock'n'roll
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 14 December 2009
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

Blast from the past. Sonny Burgess and his band are back in the scene! During last ten years they have been touring all over the world and making records (this one is their their album since 20 years break). “The Legendary Pacers” is the original band of Sonny Burgess, who used to be called just “The Pacers”. The line-up is almost the same. Sonny Burgess is still leading and playing guitar, Kern Kennedy is playing piano, Bobby Craford – drums, Jim Aldridge (who joined the band in 1962) – saxophone, Fred Duglas (who became one of the Pacers one year later, in 1963) – bass, Charles Watson (the newcomer and addition to the original instrumental line-up) is playing fiddle.

In 2005 the band celebrated their anniversary - 50 years in the music business. And they're still rockin’. Even though the voices don’t sound that young any more as we are used to hear them on old records, the pure energy of those times is streaming from that modern cd to our modern life.

This cd includes 9 tracks; all “new” (were not recorded before by Sonny Burgess… and maybe some are adjusted to the “new” sound), as I remember right. What also I like about 50’s artists, even though they cover a lot of songs (which were bringing the most popularity and, probably, money back then), they made them sound different- and not the way, the song becomes unrecoginisable, but it has different “accent”, which is characteristic to this certain band.

In my opinion, the story is not finished if there is no single word said about the name of cd. “Gijon Stomp!” has also its small history. The band was giving one of the most successful and powerful shows in Gijon that Spanish rock’n’roll fans have ever seen. That was the reason the band was asked to make some recordings in Circo Perroti Studio in Gijon. It was done two years ago, and finally El Toro Records released it.

So to refresh your memory about the show(s) you have seen, get a copy! And maybe during one of the coming gigs, ask Sonny Burgess and the Pacers to sign it, so you will have a collect item in your personal musical collection.

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