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CD/DVD Reviews » Rockin Bonnie & The Rot Gut Shots - Cocktail Jubilee

Track List:

Bell Bottom Boogie
Gotta Honky Tonk
What Am I Worth
Kitty Kat Corner
All Of This
I'm Hurtin' Again
I Love Booze
I Wanna Make Love
I Heard About You
I Start Messin' Around
Juke Box Blues
Papa Boogie
Bring Along Your Lovin'
Time's A Waistin'
Rockin Bonnie & The Rot Gut Shots
Cocktail Jubilee
El Toro (2009)
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Possible Styles: hillbilly, country, rockabilly
Submitted by: rockinev.
Publication date - 14 December 2009

This is an album that I have been looking forward to for two years now. Ever since witnessing Rockin Bonnieís debut at the Rockabilly Rave in 2007, when they completely took the entire place by surprise with an absolutely superb set, that in my mind still rates as one of the best I have seen anywhere.

So is the album reflective of the promise they displayed that day? It certainly is, and some, this is nothing short of masterful!

Reviewers will no doubt draw reference to the various female artists of the Ď50ís, but what Sabrina has actually managed to do here is to take the pure essence of all of those influences, fuse them together and create Rockiní Bonnie. This actually takes a true talent and it shines throughout this album, comfortably at home with all genres from the era, her performances transport you back to a distant time to a honky tonk bar room.

What makes this such a great album though is the way in which Bonnieís vocals weave together with the band, The Rot Gut Shots display a level of musical prowess that seems to elude some other bands. They donít just play together, they compliment and play off each other, no member of the band dominates the other, each have tracks where they lead but the playing is subtle, understated, but so genuine that it comes together to make one of the most authentic sounds I have heard on CD for a long time.

Thereís not a poor track on this, listen to the great piano on Bell Bottom Boogie, the lovely country styling of What Am I Worth, and the slow shuffle of All Of This, a tune to waltz your partner around to after a few shots late at night.

Versatility of the group is demonstrated in the full rock n roll mode of Burniní, where Chuck Berry like guitar; Jerry Lee pounding and a touch of Little Miss Dynamite come together with a tour de force.

I Love Booze is a humorous little number, I Wanna Make Love rattles along nicely. But where they excel is the country boogie styles; listen to the great versions of I Heard About You, Juke Box Blues and the delightful version of Bob Lumanís Bring Along Your Loviní. The album closes with my favourite June Carter number Times A Waistin which is again a perfect version.

This has to be my album of 2009, and I have heard and reviewed some really brilliant ones over the last twelve months, but this tops them all. Rockin Bonnie and the Rot Gut Shots are surely a collection of the some of the best musicians on the scene anywhere at the moment and Bonnie is certainly up there with the best female vocalists on the scene.

I look forward to seeing them again somewhere soon.

Rockin Nev

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