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CD/DVD Reviews » Jerry Naylor - Rockabilly Legends

Jerry Naylor
Rockabilly Legends
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Submitted by: rtaylor1956.
Publication date - 29 November 2009

"TRIBUTE TO THE ROCKABILLY LEGENDS" is an extraordinary Three-Hour national and international television broadcast event, also available on DVD. Unique to this Nayco Entertainment, Inc. production is the fact that the "Rockabilly Legends" actually speak for themselves through rare interview footage filmed by Red Robinson and Jerry Naylor. During recent field production, our production crew also filmed interviews with family members, musicians, record producers, managers, promoters and close personal friends of the Rockabilly Legends. This passionate story is told by the people who actually created the classic Rockabilly Music phenomenon.

Red Robinson, legendary radio personality honored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, joins Jerry Naylor in a filmed 'wrap-around' feature from which the two veterans push the story along, similar to the production format Paul McCartney utilized in the two-hour ABC-Television Network documentary, "Paul McCartney, Wings". Viewers will find the production technique entertaining, easy to follow and compelling storytelling.

The 160-page documentary script was inspired by Naylor's personal experiences with the Legends. The over sixty-hours of field-production-footage-interviews shot by Naylor's production crew extracted stories which are edited into this seamless and passionate three-hour documentary.

The television/ DVD documentary is underscored with Rockabilly classics and original music. It is also punctuated with original film footage of the Arlington, Texas, Patrick McGuire Recording Studio sessions where Naylor and his extraordinary musicians recorded "The Rockabilly Legends; a Tribute to My Friends" CD tracks.

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