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CD/DVD Reviews » Boz Boorer - Miss Pearl

Track List:

Miss Pearl
B29 (droppin' Bombs On Your Heart)
She's My Little Woman
Dollar Short
Cold Feet
Rockaway Beach
Bad Hangover
Deep Shade Of Blue
Crash The Party
Atom Bomb Baby
Jitterbop Baby
Rock 'n' Roll Ruby
In The Witchin' Hour
Yakety Yak
Jungel Rock
Ruff 'n' Ready

Boz Boorer
Miss Pearl
Vibrant (2008)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: rockinev.
Publication date - 11 November 2009

Boz Boorer, guitarist and musical director for 'Mozza' but before all this he was a founding member of one of the UK's most sucessful neo bands of the early '80's, The Polecats.

Luckily for us, between periods working with Mozza he still finds time to appear with the Polecats here and there and record some rockin' stuff.

This album is a collection of 16 tracks recorded over a period of a good few years with various collaborators and very good it is to.

Opening with the title track a straight forward cover of the Sun classic with excellent vocals and guitar work sets the album off to a great start. B29 (Droppin Bombs on your heart) is a terrific number self penned and very contempory rockin sound and feel.

Another highlight is Dollar Short written by Steve Hooker this to me has a very contemporary US feel to it reminding me of some of Lee Rocker's recent work.

Rockaway Beach is a Ramones number and according to the sleeve notes done in a Crazy Cavan style which you can clearly hear, definately one for fans of that late '70's rocker sound.

Other covers include a wild version of Crash the Party, very rocked up, distorted vocals, one for the wrecking crew.

Atom Bomb Baby is a great little bopper driving with a guitar feel, where Jitter Bop Baby another classic of the scene, is a fresh and jumpin version recorded with the Rockats, Rock n Roll Ruby, is from a tribute to Johnny Cash, but the sleeve notes credit the Johnny Caroll version and a Boz favorite and this version owes more to him than the Man in Black.

There are a couple of duets on here Yakety Yak with Chrissie Lane is a terrific hillbilly harmony number, which you'll all be familliar with. Then Jungle Rock with the 80's icon Adam Ant, the vocals get progressivily more frantic as the track progresses to a mad conclusion.

There are some instrumentals on here the last track being probably the best Ruff n Ready lets Boz tear the guitar up.

Overall a very good album and firm evidence why Boz is still such an influence on the rockin scene almost 30 years since The Polecats first hit streets.

Rockin Nev

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