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CD/DVD Reviews » Roy Kay Trio, The - The Rhythm And Harmony Of The Roy Kay Trio

Track List:

Why Even Try / Starlight Alone / Everyone's In Love / She's Trouble / Heart That Beats With Mine / Young And Foolish / Goodbye Romance Kay / Endless Night / Hearts Unknown Kay / New Girl / Feelin' Down / So Tired / What She'd Love To Hear / Wonder
Roy Kay Trio, The
The Rhythm And Harmony Of The Roy Kay Trio
Texas Jamboree (2008)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly hillbilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 24 October 2009
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

Finally I could find time and make review of Roy Kay Trio 4th cd. It is in a digipack and I love the cover (very good design… original, simple and very clear… just like rockabilly songs).

First of all I want to say that I like this band a lot and already for a long time. Their previous album “Rock-a-way Lonesome Moon” is still one of my favourites. The guys are very talented and understand perfectly what rockabilly is about. Not that much bands nowadays can reach authentic sound, but Roy Kay Trio is one of them who is certainly on the right track.

This cd has fourteen self-penned new compositions! All of them are made perfectly. Some people probably would say it is boring. And this opinion can be right because the guys keep the same style, which personally I see as an advantage. This way band atracts to their music not wide public, but real fans. Early rockabilly and hillbilly are the main styles, which this trio recreates on this recording.

They play without drums, so the sound is quite soft. You won’t find pure energy here, but this cd is absolutely pleasant to listen to. The sweetest voice of Roy Kay suits perfectly with the music. Everything is balanced and under control, maybe sometimes even too much.

When the solo guitar (Mike Geglia) is coming out, the band is “disappearing” in the shadow and gives brilliant support. The same is going on when vocal is taking the lead. The upright bass (Robin Cady) is taking confident place of backing up instrument (with co-operation of rhythm guirar) and gives some “base” the band can rely on.

In addition, I would like to make a small notice. What else I like about Roy Kay is that he is all the time smiling during his performance. Even when you are listening to the recording you can still feel it and you just cannot help but keep smiling back.

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26 October 2009
Comment by dutch

The album is very good indeed.

On the album I can hear that the trio is influenced by Buddy Holly. On number three "Everyone's In Love" you can hear the nice harmony vocals and progression of the chords, often used in the songs of Buddy.. In more songs on this album you will find this influence..


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