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CD/DVD Reviews » Dvd - Havin’ A Ball

Track List:


1. Intro
2. Omar & The Stringpoppers
3. Jack Rabbit Slim
4. The Montgomery Music Makers
5. Lew Williams
6. Big Sandy & The Fly Rite Trio
7. Santos
8. Amber Foxx
9. The Collins Kids
10. Luis & The Wildfires
Havin’ A Ball
Bopflix Film (2009)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 03 October 2009
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

Second DVD of the biggest true rockabilly festival in Europe - Rockabilly Rave is out! And it has all chances to become the most popular rock’n’roll documentaries (or maybe already did) among others. I am not exaggerating! Not only me, who had that positive opinion about it; everyone who saw it would agree with me.

This movie (yes, it is a movie) was filmed at the 12th Rockabilly Rave (by Chris Magee) and recreates perfectly the atmosphere of the festival. Even if you were not there… after seeing this DVD, you will get the feeling that you were not only attending, but were drinking, dancing, seeing bands, meeting people, having fun… yes, you would truly believe it and probably you even would be able to convince your friends of it… and I will tell you why.

It starts from the whole beginning. Some shots of the place itself, how it does look before crazy rockabillies have invaded it. Everything is neat and ready to welcome guests from all over the World. And then… the party itself is starting. Rockabilly music, clothing, rockin’ crowd – it is not a paradise (well, if you say Rye… in Russian it actually means paradise), but really looks like one.

Thanks to the cameraman you will have a walk through the Pontins Holiday Centre, participate in celebrating Midsummer with Scandinavians, pop in to one of the rooms for jamming, check records stalls, drink a beer while listening to djs and watching the stroll.

Besides seeing bands (like Lew Williams, The Collins Kids, Jack Rabbit Slim, Amber Foxx, Santos, Miss Mary Ann, Mischief, etc) playing, people swingin’ and boppin', you will see short "interviews" not only with rockabilly fans, but also with Jerry Chatabox, Rockin’ Bonnie, Big Sandy and many many others.

So did you enjoy the party? Me FOR SURE, I had a lot of fun! Yes, I am also dead tired and have a terrible hangover… but already looking forward to the next Rockabilly Rave... And now it is going to be for real!

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09 June 2012
Comment by rockinev

Just watched this again a week to go before the Rave No 16 can't wait gets you in the mood for the biggest rockabilly party anywhere!


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