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CD/DVD Reviews » Rewinders - Meanwhile, Back In The Swamp

Track List:

Side One: Rocky Road Blues / If I Had Me A Woman / Day After / Pretty Good Love / Tired Of Begging

Side Two: I'm The Man / I'm So Lonesome Baby / Born To / Love One Woman / Bad Mouthin' / Uprising

Plus A Free Cd, Containing The Same Tracks.
Meanwhile, Back In The Swamp
Blue Lake Records (2007)
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Possible Styles: rock'n'roll, rhythm'n blues
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 20 September 2009
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

In 2007 Blue Lake Records released 10” vinyl of rock’n’roll band from Switzerland Rewinders, which is called “Meanwhile Back in The Swamp”.

It is “two-styled”. The Swamp Side gives you a bluesy lazy feeling with rhythm and blues accent. The River Side rushes you into rock’n’roll. So depending on the mood you can make the right choice for yourself. Every side has five tunes, all covers with the band’s own interpretations. I lost myself sometimes trying to figure out whose version Rewinders are taking for a base here and there, but finally I gave up. So I will just give you short descriptions and my personal opinion of some songs.

"Rocky Road Blues" has a steady strong beat. The guitar gives out a raw rock sound, while drums and bass are creating ubreakable “wall”. Don’t know why I am getting all the time that kind of pressing feeling. But if you listen to instruments apart, you would hear that all musicians are quite good.

"If I Had Me a Woman" is a rough rock’n’roll version of Mac Curtis' song with a rhythm and blues feeling. Actually a great cover!

"Day After" is the most “swampy” song. Musicians make perfectly backing up vocals, the band works amazingly well together.

"Pretty Good Love" starts with the bass line; again arrangement is far from original. I would say it is different… very different, even in style itself, from Big Maybelle version.

"Tired of Begging"… Finally guys went wild!

The second side is more rockabilly: my favourite side. Now the band is loosing its bluesy way of playing (but also singing) and getting some lightness.

“I’m a Man” (of the Spencer Davis Group) is magically turning from blues rock into brilliant rock’n’roll song with a choo-choo rhythm.

“I’m So Lonsome Baby” gives some extra fire and energy, but still having some sadness; interesting and professional.

“Born To Love One Woman” (of Ric Cartey) is the most closest cover (from the whole recording) to original. So yes, they can make covers without changing it entirely!

“Bad Mouthin’” (of Willie B.) is throwing you back to rock’n’roll roots - rhythm and blues. I would add it to the first side, or maybe change places with “Tired of Begging”.

“Uprising” is a happy instrumental, where all members had chance for short solos. So now it is time to make introduction. Here they are: Panama Pat on lead guitar, Pistolero Pepe on drums, Renato on second guitar and vocalist Pat Madison in charge of Doghouse Bass. Well, that’s it!

If you didn’t have time to listen to the vinyl till the end or you liked it so much that you wish to have it in your cd player while you are driving, then there is a surprise for you! Buying vinyl, you will get absolutely free cd with all songs you were so fond of. Doesn’t sound good? So have fun and enjoy it wherever you are!

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Song: Day After
Song: Uprising


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