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CD/DVD Reviews » Tumblin’ Go-go’s, The - Our Little Ghost

Track List:

I Like To Get High / Too Much Lovin' / Piranha Boulevard / She's Like Morphine / Sunny Sunday Afternoon / Mad Man / I'm Against It / Mothers New Home In Heaven / Fall From Grace / Only Fools Will Follow The Rules / Me And The Devils Whore / Our Little Ghost
Tumblin’ Go-go’s, The
Our Little Ghost
Drc Records (2009)
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Possible Styles: rock'n'roll psychobilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 06 August 2009
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

The fourth album of Dutch band, which calls their own style powerbilly has, in my opinion, more power than billly. Hard sound reminds me more of psycho than rockabilly (oh, it was probably wrong article which describe them as 50s rockabilly band). For those who didn’t meet those guys, I will make fast introduction: the band was formed at the end of 2003 and has three musicians: drummer Pale Colton (also singer), bassist Lord M. and Johnny G-String on guitar. Looking scary, they support their image.

It’s not very much my type of music, but I will keep my mind sober and make more or less fair opinion. The cd has 12 songs most of them self penned, which is already very respectful. All of them (even those, which slow down) have certainly power and huge energy. So big, that I am, the person, who is not used to it, getting tired after a couple of songs and need some break to catch some breath. What is very professional on this cd (besides exceptional playing-this trio knows how to create the right sound, changing easily turns with each other; looks like they taking it more like a game… quite impressive) the songs are not boring, and not because of that crazy rhythm, but their structure is not repeating – all songs have their own “signature”. If you hear this cd once, the second time you will unmistakeably say which song is starting from the first notes, even if you are not a musician.

I am not going to describe every song because I am not very familiar with that style, so I cannot make proper comparisons. But if you like psychobilly, if you like over-energetic rock’n’roll, if you like powerful music, if you like to hear professional sound (and not only stand in the smoke, while something crazy goes on on the stage), if you already heard and liked anything of The Tamblin’ Go-Go’s, you will love this cd! Then this "must-be-on-your-shelf" will become you favourite very soon!

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