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CD/DVD Reviews » Four Star Combo, The - Let's Dog This Beat!

Track List:

Wait A Minute, Baby / Linda Lu / Conscience To The Wind / Rompin' & Stompin' / Daddy-o Rock
Four Star Combo, The
Let's Dog This Beat!
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Possible Styles: rock'n'roll rockabilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 06 August 2009
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

Self-released promo cd of American band “Four Star Combo” is ready to be judged. Unfortunately it doesn’t have that much information about the band itself (neither myspace profile of this combo); but it has five songs on it, which I would call quite a good promotion. Good recordings and also playing. Two songs “Wait a Minute, Baby” and “Conscience to the Wind” (simple and catchy… also in different styles, which shows creativity of author) are self penned by rhythm guitar player and vocalist Ron Scott. I like the first one, which is more rockabilly and better “balanced”.

“Linda Lou” could be a brillint cover (already because it is not that popular among other bands), but it certainly is missing laziness of the original rhythm’n’blues version by Ray Sharpe. It is good to have own style for covers, I almost always approve it, but some songs are quite difficult and changing their original style (even to more rock’n’roll, like you can hear on this cover), gives the feeling that you loose something very important and the song seems not that attractive any more. Though I think it is very brave and a good try. Somehow I feel it might be a favourite song of lead guitarist Eric Hurtt, finally he is given the perfect chance to show all his complicated guitar skills, which you can describe in one short word “wow!”

“Rompin’ and Stompin’ ” by Curtis Gordon is brilliantly covered, with replacing piano solo of the original song with the guitar picking and guitar solo with a demonstrating walking bass of upright bass player Rolf Hanson. The next “pause” is filled with… right! Drumming! Even being a little bit too much enthusiastic, the drummer “The Oklahoma Kid” deserves applause.

“Daddy-O-Rock” (by Jeff Daniels… not the actor, but rockabilly singer by the real name Luke McDaniel) is another good choice! It’s more than other covers of “Four Star Combo” “looks original”. Very clever (and unexpectable) replacement of sax solo with harmonica!

In general I liked the band very much, in some places they are maybe too enthusiastic and modern, but they are playing (and also singing) quite well together… you can complain on some points, but the whole opinion would be certainly very positive.

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Four Star Combo, The Band Information

Four Star Combo, The

Submitted by ronscott (19 February 2009)
The Four Star Combo is the brainchild of bandleader, Ron Scott, who has a long resume in the East Coast Roots music scene. Sound of the band is primitive, and authentic Rockabilly and Honky Tonk music, without any pretense of modernization or any kind of damn-fool 'fusion' of styles. Songs range from well-known to completely obscure, with the addition of some Four Star originals written in vintage styles. Our goal is for the band's music to emerge from the PA like a time-warped radio broadcast from 1956!


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Song: Rompin' And Stompin'
Song: Daddy-o Rock


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