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CD/DVD Reviews » Little Esther And Her Tinstars - Gone Is My Mind

Track List:

My Hearts Gets Lonely – Mr. Sun – Love That Man – Confusin’ Love – Small Change – I’ve Got A Lot Of Time To Do A Lot Of Things – Gone Is My Mind – True Or False – Rock Till My Baby’s Comes Home – I’ve Got The Boogie Blues – Arguments And Alibis – There’s No Right Way To Do Me Wrong – I’ve Had Enough – Threat Me Kind – It’s Love.
Little Esther And Her Tinstars
Gone Is My Mind
Empire (2007)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, country, western swing
Submitted by: dutch.
Publication date - 05 August 2009

I know Little Esther and the Tinstars already for a very long time. Twenty years ago they had two different acts. Esther sang in The legendary Bugaloos and The Tinstars were rocking their brains out on every party. After Rick and Esther got married and Esther’s career seemed to go slow she hooked up with her husband's band the Tinstars.

Surprisingly the Tinstars became a very good back band up for such a soft voice. Of course I knew The Tinstars were able to back up any artist. But that was always straight rockabilly. Now everybody knows that they just as easily back up rockabilly legends as well play the sweetest/swingiest/jazziest music with Esther.

Gone Is My Mind is the 2nd album of Esther. The first one “In The Garden Of Love” was released in 2003 on Rarity records.

The album is 100% professional. Every little detail has been worked out. Not only in music but also in the layout. The musicians are from a rare good quality. Peter, Rick, Ervin and Yves are showing the best of themselves on this record. Esther is singing so sweet that I wish she was every night at my bed to sing me to sleep. On the album they say about Esther that she’s “little but loud”, but that is not true. Esther is never loud. She always has her voice under control. Making sure that every note fits its place. Loud is for the screaming girls who can’t hold a note.

“My Hearts Gets Lonely” is a good swinging number. A pity it’s clear they are using an electric piano.

“Mr. Sun” is Western Swing. Soft voice of Esther. Very nice 2nd voice. Good balanced. Maybe a little boring?

“Love That Man” is written by Big Sandy. Good arranged song. Beautiful voice. Again very good 2nd voice. Good rocker.. Interesting musical intersection. Great guitar stuff. Well done!!

“Confusin’ Love” also written by Big Sandy.. Yeehaaaw! country rockin’ style. Esther keeps on singing beautifully

“Small Change” is written by John Lewis. Again a country styled song. Nice song and good arranged by Tinstars and guest musicians. Esther sings with power.

“I’ve Got A Lot Of Time To Do A Lot Of Things” originally by Zeb Turner. Nice swinging style with good guitar intermezzo, it is a pleasure for the ear!

“Gone Is My Mind” written by Fabrice Cavelli . Reminded me of the movie “Oh, Brother Were Art Thou”. Beautiful country ballad. Esther shows her great vocal voice

“True Or False” hey, we are rockin’.. Yeah and how.. Wow.. Esther in a duet with Rick. Too bad that someone has hold in the balance levels during the mixing. I’m sure the band was rocking in the studio..

“Rock Till My Baby’s Comes Home” - we continue with a rockin’ song. Esther is growling and uses power for the vocal. The band is great..

“I’ve Got The Boogie Blues” another nice Western Swing song. Again great solo work from Ervin..

“Arguments and Alibis” written by Fabrice Cavelli is a good rocking song. Esther and Tinstars at their best.

“There’s No Right Way To Do Me Wrong” Country with again very good 2nd voice.

“I’ve Had Enough” Good cover of Jerry Reed song. Clever changing of the words to fit girl singing.

“Threat Me Kind” Soft relaxing country song. Enough time for Esther to show her quality’s in vocal business.

“It’s Love” Upper tempo western swing song. Good duet with Rick again... Band is rocking..

Overall I can say this is a very good CD. The band uses different music styles, different modern writers and great guest musicians to keep the album interesting to listen to. Sometimes a little too soft for my taste. And in my opinion they have held the levels with mixing a little too low when the band was rocking. They are not jumping of the record. While the quality of the band is superb. Can’t wait till the Tinstars finally make a new record with vocals by Rick..

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