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CD/DVD Reviews » Silvertones, The - Hi-ho-silver Radio

Track List:

Rawhide / Rock Bop / Stuff You Gotta Watch / Right Behind You Baby / Jezebel / Silvertone Boogie / Diddley Daddy / Breathless / My Search / Long Black Shiny Car / Say When / Restless / Wham Bam Jam / Since You've Been Gone / Silverado Barbecue

Bonus: Don't Go Away / Crazy Baby
Silvertones, The
Hi-ho-silver Radio
Cherokee Records (2009)
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Possible Styles: neo-rockabilly, rock'n'roll
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 04 July 2009
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

Having played together for more than 10 years, The Silvertones, a trio from the north of Germany, finally have released their full-length album. By turning on Hi-Ho-Silver Radio you will get directly to a rock’n’roll station, and who knows, maybe it will be your favourite one. You can find it out only if you will listen to it… or you will just trust my opinion.

I love the beginning, energetic instrumental with a funny introduction, which already prepares you for something exciting to happen. The band is trying to fire you up from the whole start and keep you burning during all 17 tracks.
Only twice you have time to cool down a little bit: on Jezabel and Restless, rest of the time a strong rhythm and a crazy speed won’t give you a time to catch your breath.

Self-penned songs are smartly mixed with covers, disguised under brilliant arrangment and good understanding of rock’n’roll style. Though not all covers I liked. For example Right Behind You Baby, which more looks like cover of Vince Taylor version, is certainly not what I enjoyed to listen to… though I like guitar solo there. My favourie cover was Diddley Dadday, Chris Isaak's version, turned into a good rock’n’roll song.

Fans of Restless would without any doubt enjoy Long Black Shiny Car and fans of Jerry Lee Lewis will add Breathless to their favourites. Well, I guess, any of you would find here something interesting, at least if your heart won’t jump out (cause of the huge power of energy) till the end of the cd.

Concerning the musicians, I can say that all of them (singer and guitarist Jenne-O-Staar, bass player Peter and drummer Moscito) are listening to each other and you can hear that they have experience in their background of playing together. Good performing and good sound of rock’n’roll.

Well, I guess for lots of rockabillies, who enjoy neo sound, it might become a favourite radio station on this “Hi-Ho-Silver Radio”.

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Silvertones, The Band Information

Silvertones, The

Submitted by moskit0 (15 April 2009)
Back in 1991, three rockin' cats from Wolfenbüttel, deep down in the middle of nowhere, decided to add their own chapter to Rock `n Roll history. Things started rather authentic : buying instruments, covering obscure 50`s originals and torturing the neighbours` nerves....From 1994-1997 during some line-up changes featuring Stevie and Bernie ( the Bonehead ) on drums and Flo on rhythm guitar, they played several club gigs with their very own brand of 50`s breathtaking Rockabilly. In 1998, they reduced to a trio, having decided to add some bluesy, hard gretschin`, even surfin` ingredients to their energetic rockabilly brew. The excitement grew.... the...


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