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CD/DVD Reviews » Buffalo Chips, The - Rockabilly Party

Track List:

Supersonic Mama / Tornado / Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby / Red Eyed Handsome Man / Lonesome Train / Nervous / No Heart To Spare / Walk Like An Egyptian / She Will Come Back / Nobody But You / Doghouse Tripple / My Steady Baby / Hip, Hip Hurray / Woodpecker Rock / Sag, Drag And Fall / Cucumber Beat / Who Slapped John
Buffalo Chips, The
Rockabilly Party
Cosmic Star Records (2008)
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Possible Styles: roc'n'roll, rockabilly
Submitted by: kitti.
Publication date - 03 May 2009
Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash

Here I have a new cd of German rock'n'roll band The Buffalo Chips (what a good imagination to make up that kind of name!) "Rockabilly Party". I made an experiment, I listened to it several times in different conditions: in my car, while working on the computer, during the breakfast, and they always sound suitable for any "occasions". The only one weak point - they cover too many famous songs, which makes it a little bit boring, but maybe also in some way easy advertisable. There are no Elvis, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran or Gene Vincent songs, but still they are being performed by every second band. People who aren't too much listening to many modern bands or playing in one of them, would love this CD! It has a very good energetic sound. It is not impressive, but brilliant. It is not amazing, but correct. This time I don't want to discuss musicians separately, because they are all equally good. There are three of them: Michael Metzmeier (guitar, vocals), Robert Walser (double bass, vocals) and Jörg Schlenker (drums, vocals) - all are crazy about girls and rockabilly parties (who of you, guys, are not?) - such a thought comes to mind when looking through the cd booklet and listening carefully to the lyrics. All, all of them are about girls and fun!
There are 17 tracks, three of them (Doghouse Tripple, Hip Hip Hurray and Cucumber Beat) are self penned by the drummer (!). The last one has become one my favourites on this cd. The rest of the songs you will recognize yourself, I won't bore you with a list of original artists, they are too popular not to be recognized. Now I will go on with my experiment and pour myself a glass of Jack Daniels, well, they sound even better! To say more, they are almost perfect!

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Buffalo Chips, The
Song: Hip, Hip Hurray
Buffalo Chips, The
Song: Cucumber Beat


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